Construction & Design


When choosing who will build the home of your dreams, look no further than Triton Builders. At Triton we are committed to our clients from the very first meeting to long after their build is complete. With over 25 years of experience in the construction business, we value continuing the relationship as the client makes everlasting memories in their new custom home. We believe in a building process that ensures the highest level of attention to detail while simultaneously ensuring that the client feels comfortable with every step of the build. Our process continues to unfold after the first meeting as follows:

Design Services

  •  Identifying the land or property:​ this is the first step in planning for your future dream  home. Determining what type of property makes the most sense for your specific build is  essential to ensuring that the property is sufficient to fulfill all of your needs as home  owners.
  • Designing the home of your dreams: ​Whether it be a second home, vacation home or  investment property, we want you to feel confident that all of characteristics and details  you envision for this new property are met in full. During this step we will talk out every  detail of the home you envision.

Interior Designer

​Every inch of your future home is important to us. We want to ensure that the build goes smoothly and that all of your requests become a reality. Because of this, we introduce early on in the process a working relationship with the interior designers so that there are no miscommunications and your dream home can be everything you’ve ever wanted it to be!

Management & Coordination

  • Construction Management: ​Time is valuable, and we know that. We have created a  process so that every step of the build is managed. Through this process we ensure that  time is used effectively and that every material is used to its highest ability. Our bottom  line is that we don’t believe in wasting time or building materials. Simply put, we value  the work we do just as much as we value the clients we work for.
  • Client Coordination: ​There is nothing more important than a clear line of coordination  and communication between our building staff and you, the client. We maintain this  process through regular check ins and as new installment and features are being  proposed and added. Our hope is that you will love the home we have built. At the end  of the day, we will only be happy if you are ­ and this stems from open communication  throughout the entire process.